Optimize Your Customer Journey to Increase Non-Dues Revenue

Learn simple, actionable steps you can take to increase inbound interest, sales, renewals and expansions from sponsor, exhibitor and advertiser customers.

Many associations struggle to increase non-dues revenue.


But simple, manageable changes to your customers' journey creates a non-dues revenue engine.

Option 1:  NEW Cohort Training Programs

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new cohort training program for small-staff associations:  Non-Dues Revenue Base Camp.

Your small-staff association team is already delivering remarkable member value with limited resources. And with more revenue you can:  

  • Grow your audience,
  • Hire additional staff,
  • Launch¬†new programs,
  • Upgrade technology platforms, and more.¬†

But the path to more non-dues revenue may seem daunting without extensive in-house sales expertise, leaving you wrestling with questions like:

  • Where do we start?
  • What strategies should we refine or adopt?
  • Where¬†will we¬†find the time for implementation?¬†

Now there's a way to move past those challenges and build stronger, more sustainable non-dues revenue. NDR Base Camp is a tailored group training program designed for small-staff association teams.

Learn more about NDR Base Camp

Option 2:  Consulting Engagements

If you feel you're missing revenue opportunities, let's schedule a time to discuss your specific challenges and desired outcomes.

Engagement options can include the following:

  • One-time training sessions
  • Regular¬†coaching for sales staff and leadership
  • Assessing the effectiveness of sales operations
  • Identifying improvements to fulfillment processes
  • Determining the effectiveness of¬†your proposals, media kits, and web pages
  • Hands-on assistance¬†implementing changes to your sales and customer experience operations

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Option 3:  Quick Fix 1-on-1 Consultations

One of the best things you can do to engage more sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers is make it easy for them to understand who you help them reach and how you deliver results.

Quick Fix Consultations ensure that when these customers visit your association's website:

  1. They can easily find a page that speaks specifically to them and their business issues and needs.
  2. They are able to clearly understand your audience and ways to reach them.
  3. They are given¬†straightforward¬†next steps ‚Äď which typically means sharing a lot less info than you might think! ¬†

At the end of your session, you'll be able to take action on changes that can deliver an immediate positive impact on non-dues revenue growth.

Receive actionable feedback:

  • We'll review and discuss your website and sales collateral materials real-time via web conference
  • Customized¬†suggestions will¬†be provided¬†to increase conversions¬†
  • All sessions are recorded and sent¬†following the consultation

30-Minute Quick Fix


Includes session recording


60-Minute Quick Fix


Includes session recording


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