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NDR Base Camp empowers associations to increase sponsorship, exhibit, advertising, and related revenue streams with enhanced messaging, marketing, and sales processes.

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The Path to Non-Dues Revenue Growth

1. Engage an experienced guide.

Carrie McIntyre helps associations increase non-dues revenue by providing consulting, training and coaching to improve sales processes and create an optimized customer journey for sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers.

She's been in the association industry for 30 years in sales and customer success roles, and founded Navigate to help associations increase non-dues revenue by:  aligning member value with industry partner results, streamlining internal sales operations, coaching staff in sales roles, and turning an association’s customers into enthusiastic advocates who accelerate revenue growth.

2. Plan the best route.

A better customer journey for sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers leads to higher renewal rates, more account expansions, and more new customers due to a growing list of association champions. 

Most associations make common mistakes in the customer journey that create a leaky non-dues revenue bucket where adding more products at the top won't fix the revenue leak at the bottom and just leads to more work and more headaches for team members. Fixing these issues not only improves revenue results, but team morale and engagement, as well.

3. Reach Your Revenue Destination.

Associations are always short on staff, budget, and time, so together we'll prioritize and implement the necessary changes that enable you to make incremental steps forward on your timeframe.

Navigate offers custom training and consulting projects designed to create tangible outcomes, as well as group training programs designed especially for small-staff associations.  Group training reduces your expenses, creates added accountability to help you execute, and provides a support network of association peers facing the same revenue challenges and opportunities that you face.

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